Can Connect To Internet But Can’t Browser Web Site ? How To Settle ?

Last week,my friends brought the computer or laptop and asked me to troubleshoot the problem,lastly i got help them,they felt happy and i happy too(caused i got paid from them.Settle the problem is my past-time job to make money).Then you have noticed that the posts in my blog are the solution for ‘manual delete autorun virus’ and ‘forgot window password’ in these few days.All these posts are my solution to help my friends that computer have problem,here the another case that can’t browser web site problem and show you the solution.

Sometimes your IE web browser will show you the error message ‘The page cannot be displayed‘ as you surf any web sites,what happen as your ADSL modem DSL light is stable and hardware computer are maintained well ?

At first,i use PING command to ping,the result show as below ,
ping [?] with 32 bits of data.

Actually it will showed ip [],not [?].Most of us will neglected this as ping the web site,if showed [?],that mean connection already affected.

Root Caused

It was caused by malicious program or spy ware installed some additional program to your Winsock2 system to monitor your computer network system.When you use the antivirus or antispyware software to remove it and caused your connection network interupt or unstable.

Solution for window xp sp2
You must confirmed the computer virus already deleted and cleaned before starting.( it is better use your computer’s antivirus or antispyware software to scan again)

Click ‘Start’ ->’Run’,type ‘cmd’ and ‘OK’ to create command prompt,

Type netsh winsock reset,then press ‘Enter’.

After that,restart your computer and winsock2 shall be fixed.

Solution for other window version
For other window version,try download LSP-Fix to recover your winsock2 program.
Download here.

After download and unzip,4 files are inside , (gpl.txt,,LSPFix.exe,lspfix.txt ).You need to double click LSPFix.exe and follow the instruction to set up.
Winsock2 will fixed it.

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