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Few years back Malaysia starting limited download speed as you downloading files from Bitshare, Hotfile etc these kind of free file sharing and storage service, even changing DNS server address in PC or purchase premium accounts from online storage service also not help much. VPN is able to help us not only can access blocked websites in internet but also bypass limited download speed restricted by your countries. CactusVPN is a new VPN service provider and can allow bypass limited download speed happen in your country.

CactusVPN VPN Review

CactusVPN can bypass limited download speed happen in your country by using others country IP address, also allow you surf anonymous and visit blocked websites with hiding real IP address. The VPN servers located in UK, US or Netherlands and you can use PPTP, SSTP, L2TP or OpenVPN protocols, that means you also can access HULU, BBC, Pandora or others that site restricted to US and UK resident only. CactusVPN supports Windows/Mac OS/Linux platform,iPhone, iPad and Android devices, the set up please refer to tutorial.

If have doubt about VPN service, you can have a free trial for 24 hours.Visit and enter all information to get a free trial.

The monthly premium VPN packages for UK, US and Netherlands costs $4.99 each and $9.99 if purchase UK, US and NL in one package.

cactusvpn review


Now CactusVPN having crazy discount for premium VPN account, it’s offered 50% discount on every package you buy with monthly paying cycle by using promotion code CRAZYDISCOUNT, all the Premium account are offers unlimited bandwidth. This offer will end on 31st of March.Visit Blog for more details.

cactusvpn discount


Overall CactusVPN provide high speed VPN connection speed (it’s may vary depend on local internet connection), there are not so much vary compare using local internet connection after using for some time. The good thing allow P2P and torrents on NL VPN server.

If you dislike set up a VPN connection on your PC, then can using proxy set up on web browser. This VPN service supports web browser proxy set up for IE, Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera and Safari on Windows, all the set up tutorial can refer set up page.

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