BurnInTest : Computer Hardware Failure Diagnostic Tool

As we purchase a new pc,we will try to start up,shut down the computer,or executed some application finding some failure inside computer especially hardware problem.Unfortunately this kind of testing method won’t help you finding out any reliability issue.You must depend a diagnostic software is called ‘Burnintest’

Normally i will asking computer dealer whether can use ‘ Burnintest’ software to testing out any failures during purchase a new pc (If the dealer want the business,they will allow us to do that,right ?),i don’t want regret in future as having hardware failure and cost my important data stored in computer corrupted.

Burnintest can carry out reliability test for CPU, hard drives,CD-ROMs, CD burners, DVDs, sound cards, 2D graphics,3D graphics, RAM, network connections, printers, and video playback.

Download Burnintest Professional edition and installed,then click ‘start test’ icon for testing.

The software will running the testing application,after that it will showing out the result for you reference.

Burnintest supports Window 98/ME/2000/XP/2003/Vista.

Burnintest is shareware ( free use for 30 days).We use this software for diagnostic only,30 days free of use is enough to us.

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