How To Build Tile In Groups On Windows 8 Start Screen

Windows 8 removed start button and start menu and replace with Windows 8 UI start screen, We may not familiar all the apps and installed software displayed on Windows 8 UI start screen and will install software like Classic Shell to get back start button running application like using old Windows version. Actually Windows 8 start screen not really difficult to use.

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We may get shock as noticed all apps and software appeared on start screen and thinking that we need to slide the windows start screen choosing and running the application, in fact Windows 8 start screen allow to have group setting that organize tiles in group type.

Windows 8 start screen

Tile In Groups On Windows 8 Start Screen

1.Click the minus sign button in the lower, right corner of the UI start screen.

Customize start screen


2.Metro UI screen will zoom out, right click on tile group and a small tick icon appeared. The Name group option becomes available at the bottom of the screen, click Name group.

create name for tile in groups


3.Enter a name for tile group in dialog box and click name.

set up tile in groups


4.Now the group name (My Like) displays on tile group, even in zoom in and out view.

customize Windows 8 start screen


5.You can move the tile in between groups by drag and drop method, simply use the mouse click on tile then move to the tile group that you want and release mouse button.

exchange apps in tiles


So now we can zoom out Windows 8 UI start screen, all the tile in groups already well organized and screen can’t become a mess.

Windows 8 start screen with tile in group organize