Bubbles : Convert Any Web Sites To Desktop Application

Most of us using desktop application having normal routine job in computer such as checking email without open up web browser.How about your favorite web site ? can it be turn into desktop application without open up web browser ?

Bubbles is a software can let you convert any web site to your desktop application.

Download Bubbles ( supports Window 2000 /XP / Vista ) and run installation. Add in URL that you need to create desktop application and click ‘Create’, a web application will add into ‘My Bubbles’ column.

After add in the web application into bubbles,right click it and choose the option.If need to create a shortcut,select ‘Create desktop shortcut’.

Click the shortcut icon,the web application will direct appear at your computer desktop.Fast and easy ,isn’t it ?

Moreover,you can enhance the web application by add in the extensions.

Please visit the video for more details.