BT Download Without Torrent File,True ?

Recently The Pirate Bay introduce a new way downloading files without using seeders or trackers in BT download,that means you no need download any bt torrent file,is called ‘Magnet‘.

Magnet is just a string of words like URL of a website through specify download software starting download files.magnet:?xt=urn:btih:b9aa11030eb570be412461edf85de42debf01d39&dn=FILENAME.And you will see a ‘Magnet’ icon appear inside to support Magnet download.

bt download with magnet

Currently the BT download client supports magnet downloading are;

How to use Magnet download ( uTorrent as example )

1.Click the magnet icon in download page.

bt download with magnet

2.Launch application wizard appear,select uTorrent and click ‘OK’.

bt download with magnet

3.Then the file is prepare for downloading.

bt download with magnet

The BT website supports Magnet download as below;

  • Pirate Bay
  • Torindex
  • Kickasstorrents

If you notice other BT website support Magnet downloading method,please let us know.