Boxpn VPN Service Review : 2048 Bits Encryption SSTP VPN

The main purpose we using VPN service on internet are surfing anonymously, visit block website and unthrottle P2P connections. I have tried many VPN service provider and today i will go to try VPN service provided by Boxpn.

boxpn review

Boxpn VPN Service

Boxpn is a brand of Cakinberk Telekom Ltd. Sti. which has been selling dedicated servers and web hosting services since 1998. Currently Boxpn has 10 servers located at United Kingdom, United States, Canada, France, German, Turkey and Switzerland providing PPTP/L2TP and SSTP protocol connection, it’s support Windows/Mac OS/iPhone/iPad and android platform devices with easy to configure the setting.

The good thing is Boxpn provide unlimited bandwidth with 220Gbit global network speed connection. What impressed me is they claimed that creates encrypted secure tunnel connection between PC or mobile device and Boxpn global servers with up to 2048 Bits encryption, compare with others VPN service provider able up to maximum 258 Bits encryption. With this way, your ISP and government cannot monitor what you are browsing on internet, then you can anonymous surfing.

SSTP protocol (Secure Socket Tunneling Protocol) connection also available from Boxpn apart of  PPTP and L2TP which able connect up to 2048 Bits encryption. You may ask why i should use SSTP protocol and what benefit can i get it ? Sometimes you may get stuck behind a firewall created by any government, recently China already blocked PPTP and L2TP connection and peoples have to shift to SSTP  for help. SSTP from Boxpn is what you need, it’s has the ability to get through VPN blocks as it runs on HTTPS port 443. So unless your ISP is blocking the web, if no nobody can stop and have a freedom on internet.

If you want to watch online TV from Veoh, Hulu, ITV, BBC or Channel 4, simply connect to Boxpn UK or US VPN servers. Now i can watch The X Factor show using Boxpn UK server without a problem.

Watch x factor with boxpn UK server


You should give Boxpn a try if you are concern your privacy and secure during surfing on internet with it’s strong SSTP connection and 2048 Bits encryption. I gain nothing if you subscribe to Boxpn or not,i just share my experience with Boxpn.

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