Boxpn Free VPN Accounts Giveaway [Aug 2012]

Two months back Techgravy having free Boxpn vpn accounts giveaway, today Boxpn vpn accounts giveaway back again and total 10 free vpn accounts will giveaway to Techgravy blog readers.

Boxpn supports Windows, Mac OS, iPhone/iPad and Android platform devices and you can refer vpn set up page guiding you to configure the vpn setting. Currently Boxpn have 10 vpn servers located at UK, USA, Canada, France, German, Turkey, Spain, Singapore, Sweden and Switzerland providing PPTP, L2TP and SSTP protocol vpn connection, coming will launch to Russia, Egypt and Israel (read Techgravy’s Boxpn review for further info).

Moreover Boxpn didn’t keep any logs of their clients activities that can identify users, they only monitor all servers for utilization needs to keep them up and running 24/7. This great for the company as nobody would like they internet activities be recorded.

boxpn vpn account giveaway


Boxpn Vpn Accounts Giveaway

Thanks for Boxpn sponsored 10 Free vpn accounts with 3 months subscription (costs $18.00) each to Techgravy readers.

Enter giveaway contest through email using PunchTab widget below and follow the procedure provided. The email must valid and Boxpn admin will use it to send out vpn account detail to the winners.

You can earn points by like the post, tweeting and others to get more chances of winning.

We will select 10 lucky winners and announce on Aug 23, 2012.

Techgravy blog reserves the rights to change any terms and conditions of the giveaway without any notification.

Good luck.

PS : The winners name list will publish at end of this post.

Giveaway closed.The winners are

1.Raymond Guidry

2.Raul Oviedo

3.Joe Reinhardt

4.hen xuoi

5.Christian Peyser

6.Maurice Yong

7.majid    darvish

8.ken summe

9.alan corry

10.brian thomas

Congratulation. Boxpn admin will send out licenses key details to you shortly.

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