How To Boot Windows 8 In Safe Mode

Microsoft Windows 8 will release soon. Those Windows users already try Windows 8 release preview version may find Windows 8 can’t boot in safe mode with F8 key, i got to know Windows 8 will support UEFI BIOS with speed up booting time, dual-boot and safe mode made more usable with a new graphical interface, so is it Windows 8 boot times is faster than i press safe mode F8 function key ?

Finally i proved that Microsoft Windows 8 boot times speed is really fast till you no chance press F8 function key go boot into safe mode after tried for several time, so how to troubleshoot and diagnostic problem as Windows error occurred ? Well you can try below method if you want boot in Windows safe mode.

Start Windows 8 In Safe Mode

1.As move mouse pointer to lower right corner desktop then a 「Charms menu」 appeared.

Charms menu in Windows 8


2.Click on Setting icon on 「Charms menu」.

Charms menu


3.Select 「Change PC Settings」.

Windows 8 safe mode


4.Now click 「General 」 from the menu > 「Restart Now 」 from advanced startup.

Windows restart


5.Windows will restart then choose 「Troubleshoot 」 option.

Troubleshoot Windows 8


6.Select 「Advanced Options 」.

Start Windows safe mode


7.Click 「Startup Settings 」 from advanced options to change startup behavior > 「Restart 」.

Windows advance option


8.Now you can use function key (F1 to F9) to enable Windows startup option, use F4 function key let Windows start in safe mode.

safe mode restart


9.You may notice 「Safe Mode 」 appear on Windows desktop screen after reboot, now your can use safe mode to troubleshoot Windows problems.

Windows 8 safe mode

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