Binverse Usenet Accounts Giveaways

Binverse is one of top premium Usenet (a largest internet discussion community) provider in US.Binverse is an all-in-one Usenet solution combines premium Usenet downloads with powerful easy to use software. With Binverse you can download unlimited files at unlimited speed.

You may refer here and knows what is Usenet.Binverse let you download everything with more than 800 Terabytes of user uploads available.Moreover,Binverse didn’t cap your download speed,you can download as fast as your internet connection with 256-bit SSL which make it secure and private.You can get download speed faster than using P2P like Bittorrent because the files all hosting at Usenet server waiting for download and didn’t throttled by ISP.

All this you need installed a newsreader software ( Mac or Windows OS available ) provided by Binverse with a build in search engine.



Binverse build in search engine let you search all text,photo,video and audio files.It’s also allows you to preview Audio, Video & Image files before you download, so you can make sure you get the right file at the first time.

There are two premium Binverse plan (one month and six months) which costs $29.98 and $16.65 respectively.They also give a 3 day free trial if you want to try their service before you decide to pay the monthly fee,you need to provide personal information and credit card or PayPal,remember to cancel it within the three-day period to avoid getting automatically charged.



How To Win Binverse Usenet Free Premium Account

Binverse sponsored three premium Binverse Usenet account giveaways to Techgravy blog readers.These accounts come with 50GB of uncapped download speeds..The good thing is all these three premium account don’t have any expiration date.

To be eligible,

STEP 1 :Become a fan of Techgravy Facebook page. Simply click the “like” button in the Like Box at the sidebar to join it.


Retweet this post and post the retweet status link into comment,

Example retweet link : id/status/xxxxxxxxxx

STEP 2 :Leave a comment below with message that want enroll the contest,using the same name id that using in Facebook,Twitter and a valid email address.A valid email address must enter in ‘Mail’ column and don’t post email address in comment to avoid spam issue.

This giveaways will end at 28/8/2011 and the winners will announce on 30/8/2011. reserves the rights to change any terms and conditions of the giveaway without any notification.

Good luck.

PS : The winners name list will published at end of this post.

I contact Binverse admin regarding WOT rate has poor reputation and got feedback they can’t do anything since WOT results is based on WOT users rating but they highlighted that got verity by VeriSign & TRUSTe .I personally checking most of the link in didn’t found any redirect or reload page issue,sending newsreader software (Windows version) to VirusTotal for scanning,result is positive ( results please refer here ).I can trust Binverse based of the results.We need to be more caution what we downloading from internet no matter the source is from P2P or normal download.

Giveaways Closed

Winners :MrGiang,princeaniket and walang_sangit .

Congratulation ! Binverse admin will sent out Usenet account details to you all,remember to check your spam/junk  folder if didn’t receive email from Binverse.

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