Benchmark Web Browser With Peacekeeper

Firefox,Opera,Internet Explorer,Safari,Google Chrome etc,which web browser has a good performance in your PC ?Maybe your method is testing the web browser one by one in your computer or just following the testing results that appeared in some technology magazine or forum which told you this is the best and that is the worst one.

There are many root cause causing the performance result in PC
.Maybe you can try this online web browser benchmark tool ‘Peacekeeper’ to compare all the web browser result in your PC.

Peacekeeper is a free online browser benchmark tool by testing its JavaScript functionality.This benchmark application only works on Windows PCs and a web browser that has the Java plugin installed.

The benchmark testing is simple.Click on the ‘Benchmark Your Browser’ icon,then will started the testing and will giving scored of your browser.Click ‘Benchmark another browser’,copy and paste the URL to another web browser and start testing .

Two web browser benchmark results will listed after testing completed,then you know different web browser in its own performance of a computer directly.

Update: Peacekeeper also works in Mac and Linux OS.

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