Belarc Advisor : Create A Computer Audit Profile With Free

Belarc Advisor is a software that can create a computer profile that containing installed software and hardware, missing Microsoft hotfixes, anti-virus status, CIS (Center for Internet Security) benchmarks, and displays the results in your Web browser.If your computer have problems,provide this statements to help you do the analysis, to quickly clarify the computer issue.

Download Belarc Advisor program and running it,it will create a profile list of your computer within one minutes.Moreover it can allow you online updated window patch with Microsoft.

The list will showing you top three information;

1.CIS Benchmark Score ( Centre of internet security) – my computer got 0.63 of 10 only
2.Virus protection.
3.Microsoft security updates.

Next is the Computer Profiles Summary,inside contains a variety of hardware information such as CPU, memory, hard disk, the hardware devices, and so on.

Middle part is Microsoft’s security update, if security hotfixes didn’t install in your computer , it shown red marked.

The bottom will be listed by the installation of the software serial number, name and version of software and other information.

If you click ‘CIS Benchmark Score’ will showing you a list,

1.Service Packs and Hotfixes
Account and Audit Policies
Security Settings
Available Services and Other Requirements

This is a freeware and compatible with all window.

Download Belarc Advisor .