Be Aware Window Live Reveal Your Personal Details

One of my best friend phoned me and chit-chat during Lunar New year,suddenly he told me that three new friends add to my Hotmail contact list recently,I was shocked how he noticed that since i never telling others about this.Then he telling me that in the Window live webpage after sign in,it will showing all the status who in the contact list.Although i am a quite open mind person but this kind of personal matter,i won’t to share with others.If you having the same situation with me and don’t want your personal details sharing with others in internet,better editing Window live setting.

1.Log into,you,the webpage will listed all recently activity ,seem nothing abnormal.

2.As you click on your friend name,all the personal note,network and ever change the messenger photo already stored inside.

3.If you concerned about your personal data revealed without your noticed,change the setting by click the ‘option’ appear in right hand corner,then click again on ‘More options’.

window live-1

4.Find ‘Notification’ setting,click’What’s new with you’,

window live-2

5.You will find that all the setting is in sharing status,just ‘uncheck’ the item that you don’t want sharing with others and click ‘Save’.