Bdrive: Turn PC As Personal Cloud Storage

Cloud services like Dropbox, and etc would let you to synchronize, sharing and upload files quickly and easily but you will be limited to 5GB ~ 10GB cloud storage if sign up as free account users, then force upgrade to premium account with monthly paid to get a bigger cloud storage, how you thinking turn your PC as own personal cloud storage ? Bdrive will deploy your PC as personal cloud storage sharing files, streaming video from any enabled device.

Bdrive Set Up

Bdrive supports Windows, Mac Os, iPhone and Android platform. Bdrive server available for Windows and Mac OS platform that will act as main server to sharing or storage the files, you can add any folders would like to share inside your PC and a BID appeared after every sharing folders created, it’s would be better click 「Restart 」 each folder created.

Bdrive cloud storage


To access personal main cloud storage, you need to install software client into other Windows PC, iPhone and Android platform. Add the BID you want to access by clicking the + button,

Bdrive cloud storage


Now you can browsing all the files that for sharing specified, downloading or uploading files to your others Windows PC, iPhone or Android devices.

Bdrive cloud storage


Overall, Bdrive is a easy set up and easy to use which using PC as personal cloud storage, this will be benefit for those using for collaboration in a group project that will using a lot of downloading and uploading files. If you just need backup data as purpose, Dropbox has been meet your requirement, then no need it.

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