Backup WordPress Blog With WordPress Backup to Dropbox Plug-in

I used having WordPress backup to desktop manually but this is not the best way as i am a lot of jobs to do every day. Since i had Dropbox account with 20 GB storage space and then searching for perfect WordPress backup plugin for Dropbox, i tried around several backup plugins that I found out there, i wasn’t happy and satisfy with them. Today i found a powerful WordPress site backup plugin, called WordPress Backup To Dropbox, it’s free and easy to use.

WordPress Backup to Dropbox is a free plugin allows you to backup WordPress on a regular basis. The plugins simple interface lets you to set up your backup cycle in minutes giving you piece of mind that your precious blog posts changes are backed up, You need a Dropbox account in order to use this plug-in.


Why I Like 「WordPress Backup to Dropbox」

  • Others plug-in having same application which backup to Dropbox but it’s backup to Dropbox regularly that will consume a lot of bandwidths. WordPress Backup to Dropbox plug-in perform backup once file changes only.
  • Dropbox saves a history of all deleted and earlier versions of files for 30 days for all Dropbox accounts by default.We can restore back to any earlier version if WordPress database having problem.
  • Dropbox not only allow backup to web Dropbox but can backup to others local disk as many as you needed.
  • It’s free.


How To Backup WordPress Blog With 「WordPress Backup To Dropbox」

1.Search 「WordPress Backup to Dropbox」 plug-in, installed and activated.

2.An item 「WPB2D」 already added to WordPress dashboard.

wordpress backup plugin


3.Click it and will ask you to authorize the plugin with Dropbox, click 「Authorize」.

4.Now allow this backup plug-in access to your Dropbox account. Register a Dropbox account if you don’t have it, then your Dropbox account will connect to plug-in successfully.

5.Create and assign a backup folder,don’t forget set day, time and frequency how often backup to Dropbox is to be performed.

wordpress backup to Dropbox setting


6.Scroll down page and select files and dictionaries that wish to exclude backup. Wp-config.php contained WordPress database username and password, don’t backup to Dropbox due to security issue.

wordpress backup setting


Now your WordPress database will backup to Dropbox with 「WordPress Backup to Dropbox」 plug-in.

Are you have any better WordPress backup plugin, do let us know.

Download WordPress Backup to Dropbox.