How To Backup Naver LINE Chat History For Android And iPhone

LINE messenger users may concern how to backup Naver LINE chat history as can restore back once their delete data accidentally. Although Naver LINE app for Android and iPhone build in backup chat history but it’s don’t have recovery or restore feature like WhatsApp messenger which can restore back chat history automatically.

I use Titanium Backup android app backup LINE chat history on my HTC One V android phone unfortunately chat history all gone after restore stock ROM with RUU software as LINE app request to login again, then i decide to learn how to back up and restore LINE chat history manually.

LINE is using sqlite as database. iPhone users easy to backup chat history by using iFunbox application locate User applications/LINE/Documents, backup all the content inside (skins, queue and talk.sqlite files) to computer then restore back to same location path manually.


Backup And Restore Naver LINE Chat History

However android phone need rooted have to go through a slightly more complicated process backup chat history manually. First use root explorer app locate data/data/, copy and paste naver_line to PC, then rename naver_line to naver_line_old which backup with chat history.

Assume that now install new android LINE app, login with your account then stop it running in background, locate same path data/data/, backup naver_line to PC and rename naver_line to naver_line_new which without call history.

Backup naver_line on Android


Install SQLite Manager add-on on Firefox web browser and open up SQLite Manager, click on 「connect Database」 button and locate to naver_line_old file.

LINE chat history


Click on 「chat_history」 at left sidebar and will display out all the LINE chat history.

Backup Naver LINE chat


Right click on 「chat_history」 option and select 「export table」> put a check on 「First row contains column names」 > click 「OK」 to export chat_history.csv file.

naver line chat


Now use SQLite Manager open up naver_line_new file by click on 「chat_history」 > click 「import」 button to import chat_history.csv file > put a check on 「First row contains column names」 > click 「OK」 to import chat_history.csv file.

Export Naver LINE chat history as csv file


Rename naver_line_new to naver_line and put it back to data/data/ on android phone, all the chat history already restore to android phone, that all.

Now reboot the phone and connect LINE to internet, if you can’t notice chat history appeared then try sending a chat message to your friend, all the chat history will appear.

PS: Today LINE for android rolled out an update that can import your backed up chat History including messages and photos now (1/2/2013)

You may try below trick for Android if felt above backup method difficult for you to follow.

New trick to backup and restore iOS LINE chat for LINE app 5.0 and 6.0 version.

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