How To Avoid Use Facebook Messenger App And Keep Chatting [Android/iPhone]

Facebook forced users install a separate messenger app to chat in real time with their friends. Eventually Facebook users aren’t happy about it and caused currently Facebook Messenger app has a 1-star rating in App Store. If you do not want use messenger app and continue chatting using the normal Facebook for iPhone and android, there is a work-around to avoid it.

Facebook user will face the decision of whether or not to install the separate app when prompted by the standard Facebook app that forced them to download Messenger when they click the Messages tab, there is some trick not to use Facebook Messenger app.

Avoid Install Facebook Messenger App


iPhone users can try a free jailbreak tweak called FBNoNeedMessenger. This jailbreak tweak removes the requirement of install Facebook Messenger app on your iPhone, then you can continue chatting with friends from the latest Facebook app.

FBNoNeedMessenger jailbreak tweak

It free right now in Cydia’s BigBoss repository. They are no option for you to configure the settings, This hack will let you chat with your online friends just like you could before with Facebook app.

Android And iPhone

Visit Facebook mobile version ( with mobile browser. A normal messaging interface will appear as tap on message tab.

Avoid Facebook Messenger app

Now you can chatting, sending photos or emoticons with your friends, you may also searching all messages and see all previous messages in this mobile version.

Facebook mobile version


This worked with iPhone and Android platform.