How To Apply Facebook App ID And Secret Key In Latest Way

As a blogger, we may install Facebook related WordPress plugins such as Facebook comments or Facebook album plugins, a Facebook app ID and secret key need to create and get things done. How to find my Facebook app id?

After Facebook changes in revision and API, the early Facebook app ID application already unusable or would give you an error message as trying to configure Facebook related WordPress plugin. In this tutorial, i would like to show you how to get Facebook application id and secret key with Facebook developers page.

Get Facebook App ID & Facebook App Secret Key

Visit Facebook developer page and log on, then click on “Register” button. Toggle yes to accept Facebook privacy policy click register button become a Facebook developer.

Facebook App ID

Select website platform to create Facebook app.

Facebook%20App%20ID 2

Then click on “Skip and Create App ID” button that located at the top right corner of the page.

Facebook app

In this case, enter the information in accordance with the field, and finally click on “Create app ID” button. Make it relevant i call it test app.

Facebook%20App%20ID 4

Go to the dashboard page and you will see Facebook app ID and secret key.

Facebook%20App%20ID 5

Don’t think this is over. Click on “Settings” on left-hand panel, enter domain name in app domains column, click on “Add Platform” button.

Facebook developer

Select website platform. Enter your blog URL and click on “Save Changed” button to save all the setting. That all.

Facebook App secret key

Now we can copy and paste the app ID and app secret key to the Facebook related plugin or use it to apply Facebook Audience Network to earn online money.

We hope this tutorial can help you when you configuring any Facebook related WordPress plugin on your blog.

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