Aomei Partition Assistant 4.0 Home Edition: Free Partition Manager Software

There are lot of Windows disk partition management software in the market but most of them are shareware that need to purchase, normally we will use these partition software just for split disk partition purpose without backup any data in PC and may no need purchase so powerful partition software. Aomei Partition Assistant 4.0 Home Edition is free disk partition manager software that allow you split any disk partition safely without any risk.

Aomei Partition Assistant Partition Manager

Aomei Partition Assistant 4.0 Home Edition is disk partition manager not only can split any partition but can resize/move partition, copy partition/disk, merge/split, quickly allocate free space and also it can create, delete, format partition, convert primary to logical and vise versa, hide partition, change drive letter, disk surface test, etc

After install Aomei Partition Assistant 4.0 Home Edition software, all the features can find at left sidebar in wizard include extend partition, disk copy, delete all partitions and etc,below show how to use Aomei Partition Assistant 4.0 split disk partition.

partition manager software


Now i want to split some C drive partition space. Select C drive and click 「Split Partition」.

partition software


Set up the new partition size.

partition software


Click 「Apply」 after partition set up confirmed.

partition software


Confirm the partition set up and click 「Proceed」. A pop up windows will remind you that need to restart PC to complete all operation.

partition software


You will notice a countdown window appeared and please don’t press any button.

partition software


Wait and till all the operation competed,your PC will restart automatically.

partition software


Now a new partition created.

Aomei Partition Assistant 4.0 Home Edition compatible Windows XP/Vista/7.

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