Any Problem,Please Ask Internet.Don’t Ask Expert Or ‘Sifu’

What i know that many people will get help from expert or ‘sifu’ as they facing the problem and not finding the solution from the internet first.The problem that we encountered,90% are not ‘new’ issues,since the issue are not ‘new’,then internet must have the solution for it.Expert or ‘sifu’ only master in certain field but search engine are master in multi field.

Sometimes experts will feel bother if you always kept asking so many questions to them.However,search engine will not feel bother and always opened their mouse.(search box).

First of all,i am not a ‘sifu'(not due to my surname is Wong) or master.One of my friend told me that his portable pidgin can’t access Yahoo IM but can access with Yahoo messenger and web yahoo messenger,he asked for the solution,then i use Google searching and got the answer.My friend praised to me and i didn’t tell him is the powerful of the search engine.

Not only the computer,a lot of life issues,we can use search engine to get a satisfactory answer.So,please use search engine as you facing problem and don’t asking expert or ‘sifu’ first.

There is no doubt search engine will become more and more important or main role in our life.How to use search engine is a important question,as long as you correctly describe your question in the search engine,you will get the answer in major of the issues.Talking about description of the problem,i using ‘portable pidgin can’t access Yahoo IM’ for example,don’t key in ‘why my pidgin can’t access yahoo IM’ in search box,search engine will not understand these natural language and major of the search results will not match your requirement ,you need to use ‘+’,’-‘,’site’,etc to specific your searching.i put ‘pidgin’+’yahoo sign in’ in search box,then result come out ( need to key in 5050 port in firewall to allow it).Then,what is your comments ?

Most of my previous posts are talking technology,tips,method or solution,hope don’t feel bored as you read this post.

PS :’sifu’ is mean expert or master.