Any File In Dropbox Folders Can Share,Not Only Public Folder

Dropbox is online storage service on internet that enable users store and share files with others. Currently the files stored Dropbox Public folder just can let you create a file link and sharing with others, other folders are not allow create a file link. We are wonder why we can sharing a Dropbox folder easily but can’t sharing a single file ? Actually Dropbox already build in any file sharing feature in each folder but didn’t turn on to public.

This feature easy for you if you have a single file need to sharing with your friend with short period, you no need move the single file from other folder to public folder in create a link for file sharing, what you need is create file link contain in folder directly, that means any file or folder can be shared.


Share Any File Or Folder In Dropbox

1.Visit,then find and click 「Clicking this link」.

share dropbox folder


2.Now you will notice a sharing link created in any file.

share link


3.In Dropbox desktop application,simply right click any files in folder, select 「Dropbox」 from menu and 「Get link」 already contain inside.

Get a link


If you want to close the file sharing link and don’t want to publish, choose 「Links」 locate at left side, then select file that don’t want to share and click 「Remove」, that all.

file sharing

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