Antidote Antivirus 2008 Free Download


Antidote developed a new anti-virus virus product for the computer end-users.This is a free product which allow to search for viruses and other malware programs on a computer, to treat or delete them with Virus base more than 1 million records.

The key features are ;

· Very user-friendly interface, easy to use, does not demand any special training;
· High quality detection of viruses and other malicious codes;
· Effective male ware neutralization including total clearing of system against all evidence;
· High working speed and minimal influence on computer speed.

This programs cannot provide real-time protection of a computer, monitoring of file system and network connections, but with their help it is possible to check up disks, folders or files, to find out the malware program and to neutralize it.

To get this Antidote free 2008 anti-virus software,visit here and enter your email address and click ‘Send request’.

Then you will receiving a email from Antidote that contain a software download link and product key.Download the program and enter the product key that provided ,you can use this Antidote anti-virus 2008 for free.

Antidote software supports Window 2000/XP/2003/Vista.

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