Always Minimize Window To Get Desktop Shortcut ? Try DeskOnTop

I believe most of us will putting common used shortcut on the desktop, if you open a lot of window and need to find a shortcut on the desktop,what will you do ?Minimizing an active window or moving it away to access window desktop then restore your working window after you’ve launched the shortcut ?It was quite annoying if always repeating the same job. Now you got a good free software – DeskOnTop,let you activate the desktop shortcut from system tray.

After installed DeskOnTop,just click the icon in the system tray,there will pop up a small window containing all desktop shortcut.As long as the mouse over the icon, the icon will be enlarge, click on the icon then you can execute the program or file.


If you right click the icon in system tray,there will be a list of desktop files as shown, just click the icon and run the program.


Download DeskOnTop .