Alternative Way To Have Window Update

‘Is there any way to have window update except using product key?’ ,my friend asked me after read my post with title ‘illegal window xp sp2 change to original window’ in my blog.

Yes,you can.You can update through 3rd party web site.These web site have all the Microsoft update and you can download it but need to be careful,some web site will install a ActiveX control to collect your computer data or cause your computer hang after download.So,choose the web site carefully.



Windizupdate is my recommenced.I am using it for two year already without any problem.What you need is have firefox,Opera or K-Meleon 0.9 web browser (i prefer firefox).Then click ‘Scan for update’,windizupdate will installed a plugin (not ActiveX) in your web browser if you are first time visiting their web site,windizupdate will continue to scan your computer after completed install plugin,it will taking about 30 second.

They will listing out all the update that need install into your computer and you can choose or complete installing the window update.

The disadvantages is there is a delay from new updates are released from Microsoft to when they appear on this site.From what i know,windizupdate have the window update are delayed about one month,that mean you update through this site in December 2007,the update that you got it till November only.

Happy to enjoy.