Alternative Software For AUTOCAD

If you have read about explicit, geometry-based 3D CAD, you know it is the best approach for creating flexible and lightweight designs.Many people first thinking AUTOCAD is the best software to do this but remember,AUTOCAD is a shareware and expensive CAD application.Now you having alternative software with free.

1.CoCreate Modeling Personal Edition 2.0

CoCreate Modeling Personal Edition 2.0 is 3D CAD system you can use for assemblies with up to 60 parts.You can use it to create associative drawings automatically and analyze design ideas quickly.

Download CoCreate Modeling Personal Edition 2.0 .

2.Alibre Design Xpress

Alibre Design Xpress delivers the features you need to get started with 3D design and tackle projects for your business or workshop.It’s rich and capable design applications for creating parts,assemblies and 2D drawings.

Download Alibre Design Xpress .

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