Alonweb Free VPN Service

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It has been long time i didn’t post any VPN services after ‘Linkideo‘ and ‘Anchor hotspot sheild‘ articles published.Today i will sharing with you a new free VPN service,

Alonweb is an OpenVPN Server that provides internet community with free OpenVPN tunneling service by
hiding your real IP address visit some restrict website.all you need is create a account and download OpenVPN client installer .

1.Go to here to create a account.

2.Download OpenVPN client installer and run the installer ( Window OS only ).

3.Running Alonweb VPN service by right click OpenVPN client icon in system tray and select ‘connect’ .

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4.Enter in the username and password that created.

5.The icon will become green color if VPN service connected successful.

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Alonweb free VPN service limited to 1000
MB per month traffic usage.I think it just enough for web browsering only,if go for download purpose,1000MB traffic usage will finished in one day.

The tutorial procedures for Linux users please refer here.

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