Alarm Clock Android Apps Wake Up You Guaranteed

We used using hand phone set as alarm clock to wake up during morning. Sometimes we can’t really out of bed although switch off alarm,「Alarm clock」 Android apps can guarantee you wake up from the bed by detect WiFi signal strength and distance, you must get up to turn off the alarm clock.

「Alarm clock」 Android apps full description is 「Alarm Clock,wake up guaranteed」. It’s uses the WiFi signal strength to determine your position,you will only be able to switch off your alarm when you are close enough to your WiFi router, that means you must wake up and go some way switch off alarm clock.

alarm clock android apps


Alarm Clock Android Apps

Install 「Alarm clock」 Android apps in Android phone. First you need to go to Setting dialog box and find 「Side button behavior」 option then choose 「None」. This setting will make Android phone side button malfunction in case you using volume button turn off alarm clock, others setting let it become default. Now you can start to add alarm time.

alarm clock android apps


How To Turn Off Alarm Clock

In 「Dismiss type」setting you can turn off alarm by choose

  • Dismiss button – A close button appears, click close
  • Run To WIFI – Must run close to WiFi router turn off alarm
  • Run away from WiFi – keep a distance from WIFI router to turn off alarm
  • Snooze button – a delay alarm “stay in bed” button

If your WiFi Router is far away from your bed, then you can select the WiFi strength to turn off the alarm clock by choose 「Run To WIFI」Dismiss type option in Android apps, for example WIFI signal reach to 80% then able to turn off alarm. However, if WIFI router located at your bedroom then need to set WIFI weakness to a lower level than what you get in your bedroom by choose 「Run away from WIFI」 Dismiss type, you have to move away from your WiFi router in order to be able to turn off the alarm.

alarm clock android apps


Through the above method able force you wake up to turn off the alarm clock.

Is it work for you ?

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