Akapost : Keep Your Email Address Secret As Apply Online Service


Nowadays we can find a lot of online services in internet that need ours email address to sign up as a account member then can use their service,maybe you will getting such as ten minutes destroy email or immediately destroy email to register this kind of online services,you may miss out the register information after some days caused you are using different email address .Now you can use you email address to register these online service and will not disclosing your actual email,how ? Using Akapost.

With Akapost,you can create a username@akapost.com and this akapost email will link to your actual email address,then you can using username@akapost to send out email,after that akapost server received the email will forwarding email to your personal mailbox.


Put in simple word,using username@akapost.com as you email to register online services and your actual email will receiving all the register information.Then your actual email will kept in secret.

Do you have more this kind of email services ? Please share with us .