AirLink App : Share URL Link Between Desktop And iOS Device With One Click

How you share a web page open in a desktop browser (Firefox, Google Chrome) to a iOS device ? Normally we will manually type URL link into Safari mobile web browser opening the same web page. Is it any faster way sharing URL link ?

AirLink App is web application sharing URL’s from desktop browser to mobile device with one click, you no need to remember and typing long URL,AirLink App will do this for you.

Share URL Link

Go to AirLink App install page and drag ‘Air button’ icon to web browser bookmark bar. Then type ‘‘ in Safari browser, you’ll be redirected to your personal AirLink page. Bookmark it.


Hit the ‘air button’ bookmarklet in bookmark bar if need to share a URL link.A black square will appear and fade out again and the URL already transfer to Safari browser.

Not only from the computer sending link to iOS device but vice verse. Moreover send URl link between the two computers can also use it.