How To Add Google Maps Street View On iOS 6

As we know lot of people complaint Apple Maps on iOS 6 or iPhone 5, it’s not as accurate as Google Maps, no public transportation directions and does not have walking directions. Apple’s CEO apologized for this issue and suggest that iPhone and iPad users try alternatives by using Google Maps or Nokia Maps.

We can create an icon of Google Maps on iOS devices home screen for quick access purpose that use Safari on iOS device to navigate to and use Google’s maps on the web but web app don’t have street view feature. Although Google promised to add street view feature in coming two weeks but we can use some tricks to enable street view in without waiting Google adding this feature in Google Maps mobile app.

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Add Street View To Google Maps On iOS 6

1.Open Safari and enter 「」 on address bar column.

2.Tab share icon and select 「Add To Home Screen 」 option.

Street view on Google maps


3.Tab 「Add 」 button located at top right corner then adding Google maps street view on iOS 6.

Home screen icon google maps


4.Press this mobile app icon and access to Google maps street view.

Google maps street view mobile app


5.Enter in location and drag 「yellow doll 」 icon anywhere on the map, then street view will appear immediately.

Google maps street view


6.If the doll icon show white color that means location that you entered does not support street view feature.

Street view