Access US Hulu,Pandora,Last.FM,CBS With ProxyDNS

Those who like to watch TV shows and video from Hulu, CBS, Netflix or listen music from Pandora and Last.FM through internet but stayed outside US, the normal way for they are using VPN service or US proxy to access all these website in internet. If you are interested TV shows and radio music in US but thinking need to set up VPN access is quite troublesome for you, can use ProxyDNS assist you.

ProxyDNS is cloud based proxy dns help all those staying outside US enjoy Hulu, CBS, Netflix, Pandora music and TV shows. When you go to a website that you wouldn’t be allowed to access because of your location, the DNS takes care of that using a Cloud-based Proxy (a proxy is like a “tunnel” that bypasses any restrictions) in a way that you don’t even notice it.

Set Up ProxyDNS

ProxyDNS works mostly like a normal DNS, not altering your normal browsing.You no need installed any software client,just use IP: in TCP/iPv4 DNS server setting.



The IP address still using local IP address and will not change it. That means you can’t visit some web site blocked or surfing anonymous using this cloud DNS.

I tested it and watching US TV shows and listen to music with using from Malaysia without blocked, the speed is vary depend on local internet connection.

pandora music


ProxyDNS supports Windows/Mac/Linux/Roku and Xbox.Please refer here how to set up.

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