5 Steps Get Rid Facebook Privacy Security Risk

Facebook privacy setting or account setting always is a issue to Facebook users especially after Facebook made some major or minor revised.Facebook users only concerned that what is new features already added in ,is it more fun and interesting¬† but behind new features will be more security risk actually.Moreover,if you are concern privacy in Facebook and would like set up your privacy setting,you will find that the setting hide some where and don’t know where is it.

I had wrote some post regrading Facebook privacy in this blog,

Here i added in some solution how to get rid Facebook privacy issue due to new features implemented.


STEP 1 : Disable Facebook friend list

You can customize your friend list view by yourself only,then no one will notice if you unfriend somebody.

Go to privacy setting,click ‘View Setting’ in Connecting on Facebook option,

facebook privacy

Default setting is for ‘See Your Friend List’ is Everyone.Customize it set to ‘Only Me’.

facebook privacy


STEP 2 : Disable Facebook add personal contacts as friends suggestion

Facebook will grab your Skype,MSN,WLM,Yahoo mail contacts and suggest them added as friends,it’s quite annoying if always showing same group persons as log in.You can delete all the contacts manually to avoid it.

In Facebook home page,select ‘Friends -> ‘Manage imported contacts’,

facebook privacy

You will notice a not yet invited contacts list,now you can delete it one by one who you don’t want appear in your suggest friends list.

facebook privacy

If you want to remove completely,then go back to Facebook home page,select Friend -> See how it works,select ‘Remove them completely’.

facebook privacy



STEP 3 : Use Facebook Safe Web Scanner

Most of the Facebook application need to gain access your personal detail and Facebook wall before download it.You may don’t know these Facebook app is malicious program will cause security risks.

Norton Safe Web scans your news feeds and identifies URLs containing security risks such as phishing sites, malicious downloads and links to unsafe external sites. With this application, you can easily see which links in your News Feed are unsafe for you or your friends to click on.

You can use ‘Auto enable scan ‘ feature to protect your Facebook privacy.

facebook privacy


STEP 4 : Remove unused Facebook app avoid gain your personal data

Normal Facebook app will always grab your personal data.If you no longer to use it please remove it.

Go to privacy setting -> click ‘Edit your setting’ in ‘Apps and Websites’ option,

Click ‘Edit settings’ in ‘Apps you use’ option,

facebook privacy

Now click ‘X’ to remove unwanted Facebook app.


STEP 5 : Remove Facebook Pages

You may click a Facebook page like button to gain a free voucher,software or others freebies and caused your Facebook wall float with all this Facebook Pages message or notifications finally.Remove it if you don’t have these kind of Facebook Pages.

Click ‘Edit My Profile’ in Facebook home page.Select ‘Activities and interests’ option in ‘Basic information’,click ‘Other pages you like’,

facebook privacy

A Facebook pages listed.Click ‘Remove Page’ to remove unwanted Facebook page and click ‘Close’ finally.