5 Must Watch Youtube Video Channels

If we want to search for some video,definitely we will go to Youtube website finding and watching video.Do you know Youtube has lot of video channel that allow us watching with free ? Some of the video playing time ever more that one hour.

1.If you are a music lover should go Youtube Music Discovery that containing a lot of music video (MV).Enter in any song title or artist name in searching bar to find any music video in Youtube.

2.Those interesting in Indian movies,Bollywood movie channel is a best place in Youtube.

3.Others movie should go to Youtube movie channel.All the movie in these channel are full length movies,not just for few minutes.

4.Youtube TV show channel offer US TV show program and most of TV show are from CNN.

5.Youtube 4oD channel offer 4 On demand UK TV show program but you need a UK VPN or proxy to watch it if you stayed outside of UK.

Enjoy the video.