25 GB Minus Storage Space Free Upgrade [New User]

Minus starting with online photo sharing service with drag and drop method on last few year and now Minus become online file sharing service that allow users uploading and sharing pictures, documents, music, videos and many more, those register as a Minus user will get 10 GB free storage space and sharing large files up to 2 GB each. If you felt 10 GB are not enough for you file sharing, now you can try a trick upgrade to 25 GB storage space as you register a Minus account (Must register as a new user).

Minus not only allow users uploading files through Minus web page but also can upload through iPhone, iPad and Android platform. Others than that Minus can support Windows, Mac OS and Ubuntu by installing a software client.


Upgrade To 25 GB Minus Storage Space

1.Visit http://appsumo.com/~kK7K and key in email address.then press ENTER button.

2.Click 「No thanks,just click things out」, click GO to confirm the email.

minus free 25 GB


3.Now a order conformation email will sending to you with contain a Minus link, copy and paste the Minus link to web browser and sign up as a new Minus user, then your Minus storage space will be upgrade to 25 GB as you using the link above sign up for new user.

minus free 25 GB


Minus: http://minus.com/