2 Years Free Extra 23 GB Dropbox Storage Space

If you miss out Dropbox free increase extra 2 GB space that mentioned in previous post,here i would like to share another trick how to increase Dropbox storage with extra 23 GB.This giveaway actually is for those purchase HTC One smartphone but someone in XDA forum amended this Dropbox apk file and become any Android smartphone can get this extra 23 GB Dropbox storage space with free,if you owned a Android smartphone try to get it as soon as possible.

This Dropbox apk file amended and let Dropbox make mistake that you are login in by HTC smartphone,then you can get extra 23 GB Dropbox space easily,remember that this 23 GB are valid for 2 years only.I tried with Sony Ericsson smartphone and allow me to get it.


Get Extra 23 GB Dropbox Storage Space

1.Delete existing Dropbox installed on your Android smartphone (if have),then download this Dropbox amended apk to your phone and installed,you can put this Dropbox apk file to SD card then installed.This file already scan through VirusTotal and result is zero defect.

Download Dropbox apk file.

2.You will notice 「Continue to Dropbox」 message after installed and opened it,click Next continue the step and login in with your Dropbox account.Register a Dropbox account if you don’t have it.

23 GB dropbox space


3.You may need to wait few minutes then your Dropbox space with increase with extra 23 GB.

23 GB dropbox space


At the same time you will receive a email from Dropbox informed that your Dropbox space already increased.

23 GB dropbox space


Please get it fast.

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