10 Free URL Redirection Services You Should Know

Today came across Kongtechnology blog talking about shortest URL for Twitter.Actually there are many URL redirection services (aka short URL services) create in the internet,due to Twitter allow 140 characters to post each tweet.Now i would like to share with you some interesting or special short URL services in internet.

2pl.us can let you custom alias name and set the password protection for shorten URL.

shorterurl 1

adf.ly let you make money with their shorterURL services.

Worldwide $0.50CPM

shorterurl 2

rnk.me has view and retweets statistics functions.

shorterurl 3
Multiurl will shorten maximum 50 URL with one shorten URL.It also provided toolbar for switching function as you browsing multi web page.

Safe.mn will perform safely scanning for the shorten URl automatically.Moreover,it also provided widget,javascript and bookmark for the users.

shorterurl 4

6. 3.ly
3.ly claimed that is a shortest URL shortener in the world.It also having real time hit counter and mirror link services.

LongURL.net is a URL shortening with advertising services.You can put your advertisement text or link inside and it will appear at top of the website.

shorterurl 5

m3mi.com can let you customize the link with a keyword and with password protected.It also work with Google Analysis tracking the URL.

shorterurl 6

Gurl.es except shortening URL,it also can shortening text,email and image.

shorterurl 7

10.Burn URL
Burn URl will shortening the long URL to shorten URL with BB code and HTML code provided.

shorterurl 8

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