Tip : Speed Up Firefox And Decrease Page Loading Time

Firefox browser take long time to start up and loading page as you installed a bunch of Firefox extension or add-on.You found a lot of tips in internet teaching you how to use about-config change Firefox configuration setting or value become more faster,but not so effective.So how to speed up Firefox and decrease page loading time without changing Firefox configuration setting ?

A Firefox expert in Taiwan suggested that remove extra language package inside Firefox extension or add-on will increase Firefox speeding.He also develop a software tool DelFxExtLocal and published in Mozilla Taiwan forum that can remove extra language package in Firefox intend speeding Firefox.

Go to Mozilla Taiwan forum,then scroll down to find downloading DelFxExtLocal software (latest version is 0.3.1) and unzipped.

speed up firefox


Copy and paste DelFxExtLocal.exe to Firefox extension folder.Enter in ‘%AppData%\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles‘ in searching column ( if you are using Windows 7 ),then you can find extension folder.

Then close up Firefox and running DelFxExtLocal.exe.Click ‘Start’ to remove extra language package.

speed up firefox


Now you can try Firefox again and test Firefox speed ?

PS:Please backup Firefox extensions before running the program

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  1. Mei says:

    Thanks, SK! Thanks a lot to shyangs.

    It’s working to significantly speed up loading time of my extensions-laden Firefox 3.6.

    In my case, I copied the unpacked DelFxExtLocal file into the AppData\Roaming\Mozilla\Extensions directory in my user folder from where I ran the executable.

    I couldn’t open it under Profiles, but then I’m my PC’s sole user.

    I’m looking forward to test the updated profile on my portable Firefox when I have the time.

    More power to TechGravy and to you, Mr. Wong!