fTalk : Facebook Desktop Chat Client,Without Open Facebook On Browser

Are you always log into Facebook and using Facebook Chat communicate with your friends ? FTalk is freeware for Facebook desktop chat client let you chat with your friends without open Facebook in web browser.The interface almost similar with MSN,you should be like it.

It’s not a problem for you using FTalk caused the interface are almost similar with MSN.After log in all your Facebook friends online and offline will show separately,double click friend ID can start to chat,all the chatting record will store in Facebook ( not in your PC ).

Log in Facebook account after fTalk installed. Click ‘Allow’ to accept fTalk access to your Facebook account.All your Facebook Friend separate into online and offline two category.



Double click friend ID start to chat.Total having 12 emoticons.



You can see your Facebook friend log into Facebook  as a pop up message notification appeared.



Moreover,you can write some message in at top of main screen and click ‘SHARE’,you message will appear at Facebook wall.



Click on your image and select ‘Preferences’ in drop down menu,set the notification setting and others.



FTalk still having something need to improve like separate all friends in groups type will be more better.If you not prefer using Skype which can interface with Facebook,fTalk is a good choice for you.

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