Free Norton Antivirus 2009 Product Keys For One Year

If you looking for antivirus software with free,now you have opportunity getting Norton Antivirus 2009 with free for one year.Moreover,the Norton Antivirus 2009 product key can apply to 3 PC.

1.Go to and answer the question.If you anwser is correct,you will go to webpage as below to enter in email address and click ‘Invia’ ( Please use Google translate to your language preferred till get the answer correct).

2.You will receive a conformation registration email and click the link inside.Second email will sending to same email address immediately,please note down the code ( xxxxxx=OD ) in item no 3.

3.Go to webpage and click the icon as stated in picture below.

4.Change the number 1 to 0,then click ‘Andern’.

5.Enter in the code that receive in email and click the icon beside.

6.Then enter your personal information inside and scroll down click ‘Weiter zur Oberprufung’.

7.Reconfirm the data again by click ‘Jetzt Bestellen’.

8.The webpage will showing you the Norton Antivirus 2009 product key and please note down it.

9.Download Norton Antivirus 2009 ( English version ) and apply the product key during installation,then you have Norton Antivirus 2009 full version for one year.

Please use Norton removal tool to uninstall previous Norton antivirus version inside PC before install this Norton antivirus software.

Enjoy your download.

PS: If the link above can’t work,please try this link ( hope this link can stand longer ).

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  1. Anonymous says:

    i don't understand. No any codes as ( xxxxxx=OD ) only normal web site link.
    see below: How can i do?

  2. sound says:

    hi wongsk tank you for this info! but I can't get it ,I was stuck at 7.Reconfirm the data again by click 'Jetzt Bestellen'.after entering my personal information and click 'Weiter zur Oberprufung'.no hope to get it.

  3. Michael Aulia says:

    Nice one and thanks for all the screenshots and explanations. It made the process so easy :)

    Gonna install this in my office

  4. sound says:

    hi Wongsk it's ok I've got the key .thank you and have a nice day!

  5. Anonymous says:

    got 2 keys using proxies, the site doesen't accept anymore my codes

  6. Mark Acallar says:

    Hi, the link is not working.. I opened it using firefox and it says, Address cannot be found.. Do I need to use proxy server?

  7. Wongsk says:

    Sound:Maybe you didn't put check after enter personal details.

    Michael Aulia:You can apply to 3 PC.

    Anonymous1:the OD is in second email,not first email.

    Anonymous2:They start control by IP address detect.

  8. Wongsk says:

    Mark Acallar:you can use proxy,if can't ,they already close it.

  9. turkboy says:

    Thnx. You are hero :)

  10. rash says:

    not working now as its not accepting code

  11. Anonymous says:

    Not Working.Not Accepting Code.

  12. imDavidLee says:

    but norton antivirus heavy lo..make my PC hang sometimes

  13. Wongsk says:

    imDavidLee:2009 version improve alot,fast install and less RAM consumption.
    I install to celeron CPU PC is no hang.
    The important point is how good protect our PC infect by virus.

  14. Mike says:

    I missed it! It says it is forbidden. Anyone got another link? I want Norton 2009 badly, because it is the fastest and the lightest effective antivirus in the world!

  15. Free Virus Protection says:

    that nice article.